Tiered Instruction:

Tiered instruction is used when the teacher wants all students to focus on the same essential learning, concepts or ideas. This strategy provides diverse students instruction that matches their learning needs . Tiered instruction can be a lesson, task, project or strategy. Tiered lessons are developed based on pre-assessment data. Teachers can adjust the level of challenge, the level of dependence, forms of expression, time required to complete task, and support material provided. The template and example below may help to you think about all the elements of a tiered lesson, including integrating technology.

tiered lesson template.doc
Tiered Lesson template-nutrition.doc


Anne's tiered lesson on inferring with poetry.doc
Brenda's tiered math lesson.doc
Tiered lesson ideas from the National Archives.pdf
Website example of tiered menus

John's tiered lesson on democracy.doc
Tiered Activity--Censorship.doc
WallWisher lesson plan.doc
Nichole's Using_a_Text_tiered_lesson_template-1.doc