‚ÄčThink Dots:

This is a variation of cubing. Students roll a die and complete the activity that matches their roll. Think dots work well when differentiating by learning profile. The different assignments might focus on different "intelligences" or learning styles. You can also use Think Dots to provide student choice in assignment. 4Strategy_ThinkDOTS.docx from RTDI is a one page strategy sheet to follow. There are a few templates and examples below.
Templates to create your own :
Think Dots Template.doc
Think Dots template 2.doc


Plant Think Dot
math think dots.docx
Gregg's ThinkDotsTemplate.doc[1].doc
Heather's rainforest thinkdots1.doc

HS Prejudice ThinkDot (from 2differentiate)
Figurative+Language+Think+Dots.pdf from Dare to Differentiate