Books & Publications:

Smith, G.E., & Throne, S. (2007). Differentiating instruciton with technology in k-5 classrooms. Washington, DC: ISTE.

This excellent resource is a must-have for teachers that want to use technology to differentiate instruction. Each chapter of the book focuses on a different element of differentiated instruction. Technology resources are embedded throughout each chapter and are also listed at the end of each chapter. The format of this book makes it a hands-on, easy to use resource for busy classroom teachers.


Warlick, D.(2006). A Day in the Life of Web 2.0. Technology & Learning, 27, 231-234.

This article highlights a day in the life of a middle school that uses web 2.0 technology. In this school everyone from the principal to teachers have blog pages. The principal uses her blog page to highlight important events at school, including digital content (i.e. podcasts, video clips), she thinks parents and community members will be interested in. Mrs. S, a science teacher, uses her blog to inform students and parents of upcoming activities, important events and to attach links she wants her students to access. She regularly reviews podcasts she's subscribed to and chooses those that support the content being taught in class. Mr. P., a language arts teacher, records his class discussion of The Grapes of Wrath and posts it on his blog for students to reference when completing homework. The superintendent participates by subscribing to the principal and teachers blogs. He uses information gleaned in a group Wiki sharing ideas for school improvement. This article shows how 2.0 technology can increase communication between all shareholders, aid in student learning and keep the school community abreast of others' work.