Learning Menus:

A learning menu is a list of assignments, activities or projects students will work on over a set period of time. Menus offer a "Main Course" which all students must complete, and lists of "Side Dishes" or "Desserts" that students can choose from. Often, "Desserts" are set up as extension activities. For older students, teachers may change the language to "Imperatives", "Negotiables" and "Options". A learning menu provides students with choices, and can be used to differentiate by readiness, interest or learning style.


Elementary: (From Dare to Differentiate)
Poetry menu.doc
Author study menu.doc

Liz's The Life of Science Menu.doc
choice_menus.pdf (From Dare to Differentiate)
Gary Paulson Menu.docx (From Dare to Differentiate)
Science Menu HS.docx