Cubing is a strategy that can be used to differentiate for learning style, interest or readiness. Using a cubing template, teachers write different tasks on each of its six faces. If the goal is to differentiate by readiness, one cube may be created for one group of students, and a second cube created for another. For interest or learning style, you may also create multiple cubes. Cubing can be used across content areas and can focus on genre studies, comprehension, vocabulary or math. It can also be used to reinforce broader concepts such as friendship or bravery. Here are some examples.

Here are some examples of cubes that integrate technology.
Here are some ideas for cubing with a reproducible pattern for making your own cube.


Grade 5 Civil War Lesson
Learning Style Cube-Dinosaurs
Anne's poetry cube2.doc
Cubing - Long Division.doc

Jodi's Fahrenheit 451 Cube
thinking+cube.docx from Dare to Differentiate