Here are some resources you can use with your students (or yourself :) to assess multiple intelligences and learning styles.

Polls, Surveys and Assessment Resources:
Google Docs . . . use the FORM feature in Google Docs to create short formative assessments or longer formative or pre-assessments.
Poll Daddy and Survey Monkey are free (up to a certain number of questions) survey tools for creating assessments.
Quizstar . . . affiliated with Rubistar, is an option for creating online assessments.
Voicethread is a powerful tool for both formative and summative assessment.
Wallwisher works well for quick formative and summative assessments. Works well for KWL too.

Resources & Tutorials:
Technology options based on Multiple Intelligences is a great resource for pairing different technology with different multiple intelligences.
Google Forms tutorial . . . learn how to create a summative or formative assessment using Google Docs.
Google Forms video tutorial . . . visual learner? Try this resource!

Assessing Learning styles:
Copy of Multiple_Intelligence_Survey.xls
Learning Style Inventory for Middle/HS

Rubric Creation:
As a member of Rubistar, you can create rubrics, modify an existing rubric or use already created rubrics! Check it out!

Cartoon by Bill Browning, from his webpage: