Anchor Activities:

"In this class we are never finished. Learning is a process that never ends." -Carol Ann Tomlinson
Teachers that differentiate create engaging anchor activities to help them manage their classroom. Anchor activities free up the teacher to work with individual students or small groups, but they are not seat work or busy work. Directly linking unit concepts, understandings and skills to anchor activities ensures that students are engaged with high level learning while the teacher is working with others. Many strategies for differentiating can be used as anchor activities. The RDTI website has some great planning templates and ideas.

Questions to consider while planning anchor activities:
  • How is this connected to my content?
  • Is the activity rigorous and deep enough to keep students engaged?
  • How is the activity differentiated?
  • How will I hold students accountable?
  • What instruction do I need to give the WHOLE class so all students can complete the activity independently?
  • What are my "Must Do" and "May Do" anchor activities?

Tonya's Nonfiction Anchor Activities
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